CDD 10 ft. Heavy Duty Galvanized Tripod (Pole not included)

CDD 10 ft. Heavy Duty Galvanized Tripod (Pole not included)

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This 10 ft. satellite dish tripod is nice and compact for travel and folds up for convenient storage.

RVers love them, and apartment dwellers keep their landlords happy with them.

These tripods are heavy duty and high quality.

Take your satellite system on the road with you.

The Tripod is surprisingly heavy duty without being overly weighty which, conveniently, makes it easy to carry up a ladder. It folds out into the proper tripod position and, once mounted, supports the mast and antenna securely.

An advantage of Tripod mounts is that you can mount them almost anywhere. From the peak of a rooftop to a flat platform, this tripod can handle it. The sturdy feet with multiple mounting holes will make sure it stays put!

This tripod is perfect for outdoor events!! It has 3 holes in each foot for secure mounti