CDD 12U / 23.34" Wall Mounted A/V Cabinet, c/w 1 Fan

CDD 12U / 23.34" Wall Mounted A/V Cabinet, c/w 1 Fan

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Wall-mount cabinet secures and organizes 12U of 19-inch rack equipment in network closets, classrooms and other locations with limited floor space. Houses network switches and patch panels.

Main Material:
All is made of high-quality SPCC cold rolled steel
Thickness: Square-hole post: 1.2mm
Others: 1.00mm

Surface finish
The cabinet includes a powder coating surface finish which ensures it remains grease and corrosion free. The surface finish complies with relevant ROHS requirements.

With good stiffness and strength, the maximum loading is 30kgs. The cabinet can be internally tightened collision.

Easy Installation: 
Pre-fitted with a wall mounting plate, the cabinet is easy to install.

Removable left and right side and front door, front door comes with tempered glass. Elegant design, exquisite craftmanship. Precision size, modern, makes your project look nice and professional.

Width: 21.25" / 54cm 
Depth: 17.71" /  45cm 
Height: 23.34" / 59.3cm

 It includes:
1 - Back frame
1 - Bottom
1 - Top cover
1 - Front door
1 - 19" rails frame
2 - Side panels
1 - Fan