CDD Raceway End Cap plug .55" x .94" Each (White)

CDD Raceway End Cap plug .55" x .94" Each (White)

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CDD Raceway End Cap plug .55" x .94" Each (White)

You are the artist, and the house is your canvas! However, even a great artist needs the right materials. Introducing our New CDD wire track molding with adhesive backing! With Raceway you can conceal multiple cords, wires, and cables discretely all within a white paintable enclosure.



Many raceway systems require a wire track with a separate lid. This economical one piece solution is easy to install and is equipped with a flexible hinge which makes adding and removing cables simple and hassle free.



This strong PVC raceway encompasses a beautiful white finish thats completely paintable to make sure it blends seamlessly with room attire.  


Strong Adhesive 

CDD Raceway offers an extremely strong adhesive ensuring your cables stay where you want them.