CDD Single Ground Block, 3 GHz

CDD Single Ground Block, 3 GHz

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This UL-Listed High-Frequency ground block has one F81 connector installed and one ground screw lug. It's rated 3.0 GHz, which is recommended for DISH Network, Bell, Shaw Direct. It is primarily used to ground coaxial cable from antenna, cable, or satellite to a ground rod. Ground blocks should be installed near the point where the coaxial cable enters the dwelling. A section of ground wire should be attached to the ground block and secured to a cold water pipe or a power ground using a ground strap. Sold individually.

UL Listed
1 Ground Port
One Ground Screw
Fits 17-10 awg ground wire
Mounting screws included.
Corrosion Resistant
Improved Conductivity
Complies with NEC Codes when installed properly with ground rod
qty: 1
Weight:0.06 lbs

Don't take a chance! Proper grounding your outside connections is critical to protecting your equipment inside. Use of ground blocks help ensure proper grounding and prevent damage to equipment. This one is UL-Listed and is rated 3.0GHz, which is recommended for DISH Netowork, DISH Pro, Bell and Shaw Direct installs. Our great low price is too good to pass up!