CDD Single Telephone Wall Plate, White

CDD Single Telephone Wall Plate, White

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Phone Wall Plate White 4 Conductor Smooth Finish Flush Wall Plate White Phone Modular Jack 6P4C RJ11 RJ-11 Wire Audio Signal Telephone Line Plug Jack

Flush mount jack and plate. Fits all standard modular phones. Installs in standard electrical box to replace or add a flush mount, modular wall jack. Tools required: phillips screwdriver, wire cutters.



  1. Disconnect one phone in house by removing handset from hook before working with exposed phone wire.

  2. Remove existing wall plate.

  3. Clean cut line cord from wall box.

  4. Loosen terminal screws on jack. Attach wire leads by color to corresponding pre-wired terminals screws.

  5. Tighten screws, making sure wire leads are not in contact with each other.

  6. Install jack and plate into wall box with screws provided.

  7. Replace handset on disconnected phone.